For Clients

You may be wondering:  “What is Counselling and how can it help me?”  During our counselling sessions, I’m thoroughly here for you; to stay with you in what you’re feeling and how that is expressed. I’m here to listen deeply and intently, to try to understand you. Not to placate you or to judge you, or tell you what you should do; but to accept you as all you are.

1 PSA AR Accreditation MarkA fundamental need for all human beings is for authentic, empathic, trusting relationships with ourselves and other people.

The counselling relationship is a confidential, supportive, person-to-person relationship, where we are devoting our time and energy to helping you connect, and stay connected to whatever you want to work on in yourself and your life. We are dedicating our efforts to finding ways for your life to become more fulfilling, ways for you to put the things you feel about what has happened and is happening, into a changing perspective.

Person-Centred counselling is an holistic approach, developed by Carl Rogers. The process enables you connect with your inborn abilities to understand and live with the whole of your experience, both happy and sad, dark and light. In an atmosphere of trust, respect and acceptance, healing and profound insights can happen.  The counselling process is often compared to the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.  It’s natural, and takes work and commitment to change.

“What else is important for me to know before I begin?”   I am a Counsellor Member of COSCA  (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland),  which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.  I follow and depend upon COSCA’s sound foundation of professional and ethical standards in my practice. These ethical standards ensure safety and confidentiality for you and me, throughout the counselling process. Should there ever arise a need, COSCA provides a forum for you in the case of a complaint regarding my practice, further assuring your security.  COSCA’s Complaints Procedure will be fully explained by me, and a form provided which can be submitted directly to COSCA. The procedure can be found on COSCA’s website, – complaints.

I also participate in regular, one-to-one, confidential supervision, which ensures that I have my supervisor’s professional guidance for maintaining this high standard of practice.

My usual fees are £35.00 per hour and £50.00 for an hour-and-a-half session.  These fees are negotiable based upon what you can afford.  Please talk with me about concessions if you are on a low income, unemployed, or a student.